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Pair of Meissen vases

A near pair of monumental Meissen vases


Ovoide body, cylindrical neck. The whole body decorated with „indian“ flower painting they so called magic blossoms from the far east. Stylized gold border. Polychrome decoration with gold.


Because in the 18th century, many people identified large parts of East Asia with India, the also called the porcelain imported from China and Japan “Indian”. August the Strong valued the brilliant, exotic flower decorations on the “Indian” sets of vases in his collection.


After Johann Gregorius Höroldt had developed an impressive palette of on-glaze paints over the course of the 1720s, a dream became reality for the king, In his porcelain palace, he could regale himself with the opulently decorated vessels from his own manufactory, which even exceeded their East-Asian models in terms of whiteness and brilliance of colours.


Meissen´s porcelain painters did not limit themselves to copying the Indian decors exactly; rather, they developed the colourful paintings further and combined them with elaborate gold and background decorations. The fascination of the rich Meissen Indian decors continues to this day. floral worlds full of symbolism with harmonically placed mythical animals - in short, the realisation of royal dreams of colour and ideas in Meissen Porcelain.


Meissen abt. 1980

Height: 69 cm and 67 cm



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