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Meissen group

Important Meissen Group „Bacchanalia“


consisting of three groups, fixed together to a large centerpiece group.


On a rococo base, Bacchus the god of grape harvest and wine, sitting on a wine barrel, holding a wine goblet in his right hand, grapes in his left hand. Around his lumbar he is wearing a leopard fur.


In the front of the barrel a sitting putto taping wine into a bottle. Next to them a dancing putto holding a wine glass in his hand. On the back side a lady in sitting position, next to her a billy-goat with a putto riding on it.


Very fine polychrome decoration and rich gold decoration.


Design: Friedrich Elias Meyer


Swordmark with Point


Meissen abt. 1760


Height: 28 cm, Width: 26 cm, Depth: 20 cm


This group was designed by Meyer as a central Royal table decoration.


A similar piece of this Group is in the collection of the Zwinger, Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden.


Literature: Triumpf der blauen Schwerter, Meissener Porzellan fuer den Adel und Buergertum 1710-1815, Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden, Ulrich Pietsch und Claudia Banz,

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